Staff Board Game Picks — September 2016

Robbie RiceStaff Picks

All About Games Staff Board Game Picks

With all the fun board games out it can be hard to pick just one. Well… impossible to pick just one. Here are three staff members favorite games:


Lords of Waterdeep — A 2-5 player worker placement game where you are a Lord hiring heroes to complete quests for you. Mariah loves the simplicity of this game. It plays over 8 rounds, so it’s fast and you know exactly how much time you have left in the game.

Fields of Arle — A 2 player worker placement game (starting to think she likes putting workers in their place 😉) where you are expanding you farmland estate over several years. Each player can expand in different ways, giving the game a ton of replayability. This is a much more complex worker placement game than Lords of Waterdeep, but it’s still straightforward enough that her husband, who is not a big gamer, can understand and enjoy.


Seasons — Seasons is a tactical card game where players take on the role of wizards competing to become the Archmage of Xidit. The game is played in two distinct phases. First, players start with 9 spells in front of them, where they select one and  pass the remainder left. They continue this process until each player has drafted nine spells for the tournament. In the second phase, players will play spell cards by rolling season dice and harvesting the energies of nature. The player with the most points at the end of the game is crowned Archmage of Xidit.

Caverna: The Cave Farmers — Cave Farmers is a worker placement game where players assume the role of dwarven farmers. Players  grow crops, domesticate and breed animals, mine for minerals and furnish their caverns all in the pursuit of victory points. One of his favorite things about this game is high-quality components made of wood and plastic. It certainly passes the heft test.


Warmachine — A tabletop warfare game. You buy models, put them together, paint them and fight other army factions. She started playing this game because she enjoyed the back stories and the friends she has made while playing the game. Her favorite army is called Menoth, a fire wilding and magic using race.

Zombicide —  A cooperative game where you work as a team to complete missions. In every mission, you have to fight through zombies. Each person plays a hero, and each hero has special skills to help fight off zombies and help with the mission. It is a fun game and can actually become quite an intense game to play. She and her friends play it every chance they get (Just like basically everyone else… No bias here, though).